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BRAV∃´s publications

Cells, Materials, and Fabrication Processes for Cardiac Tissue Engineering. Montero P, Flandes-Iparraguirre M, Musquiz S et al. FRONT. BIOENG. BIOTECHNOL.  Aug 11 (2020). PubMed link

Toward a Microencapsulated 3D hiPSC-Derived in vitro Cardiac Microtissue for Recapitulation of Human Heart Microenvironment Features. Abecasis B, Canhao P, Almeida H et al. FRONT. BIOENG. BIOTECHNOL.  Nov 05 (2020). PubMed link

Related publications

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis Reveals a Crucial Role for CTHRC1 (Collagen Triple Helix Repeat Containing 1) Cardiac Fibroblasts After Myocardial Infarction. Ruiz-Villalba A, Romero JP, Hernandez SC et al. CIRCULATION.  Nov 10 (2020). PubMed link
Exploring the inner environment of protein hydrogels with fluorescence spectroscopy towards understanding their drug delivery capabilities. Nandi R , Yucknovsky A , Mazo MM et al. J MATER CHEM B.  Aug 12 (2020). PubMed link
Engineering a Humanised Niche to Support Human Haematopoiesis in Mice: Novel Opportunities in Modelling Cancer. Sanchez-Herrero A, Calvo IA, Flandes-Iparraguirre M et al. CANCERS (BASEL).  Aug 6 (2020). PubMed link